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Abortion – The Slippery Slope 


I marvel at how some people try to justify killing unborn babies by abortion. For example, an Editorial seeking to justify abortion said: “Children have the right to be wanted, loved and cared for. If we lose Roe vs. Wade, giving women the right to a safe and legal abortion, there will be countless unwanted children added to the already thousands of abandoned, abused, starved and homeless.” Can you believe it? Kill babies before they are born so they won’t be unwanted after birth! Let that soak in for a moment. 

Why limit the killing to unborn babies? If being unwanted is justification for killing unborn babies, why not also kill new-born babies? In fact, why limit the killing of the unwanted to the early days of life? Why not apply this abortion argument to anyone who is unwanted? For example, many elderly people are unwanted. Many elderly people are “abandoned, abused, starved, and homeless.” With the same logic the abortionists use to justify killing potentially unwanted babies, why not justify killing unwanted elderly people? And how about the handicapped? Abortionists also say abortion is needed because some imperfect children would otherwise be born. So, why limit the killing of the imperfect to the unborn? In fact, some have already suggested giving parents a few days after birth to decide whether or not to kill deformed and imperfect babies. 

But that’s not all. The beat goes on! Why limit the killing of the imperfect to babies? Why not declare open season to everyone considered less than perfect? But come to think of it, that’s already been tried, hasn’t it? Hitler did it to people he considered inferior and imperfect. 

Abortion advocates continue to treat us to their brilliant ideas about killing babies so they won’t go unwanted, but the Bible still teaches it is wrong to kill innocent human life, and the Bible speaks of the unborn in just that way—as HUMAN LIFE! Think on these things. 

Dennis Abernathy 

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