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Lifting Up Holy Hands 

Signs For The Times

The Poor 

Enemy Or Ally? 

Obey The Lord Your God 

The Ten Commandments:  Scripture vs. Catholicism

Is Hell A Real Place?

Who Received The Holy Spirit In Acts 2?

Be A Joshua

Tradition, Feeling, And Scripture 

Learning To Be Content

The True Destination Of Sin

Counting Trials All Joy

Hezekiah’s Prayer 

Church Snake Handlers

Writing Rules For God  

Sir Isaac Newton's Model Solar System And God

The Most Foolish Foolishness

Seeking The Face Of God

What Happens to the Soul After Death?

Christ Brings Us To God

“Cyrus” (Ezra 1:1)

Are You a Sower? 

I Hope I Never Get That Forgetful

Who Rules Over Kings?

Thoughts From The Book Of Job

A Lack Of Knowledge Brings Destruction  

What Is Your Future? 

We Are Each Responsible For Our Own Actions

The Silence Of The Scriptures

Thankful People Glorify And Honor God

When You Are Discouraged  

The Light Of The World 

Is Acts 2:38 Heresy?

Give Me That "Feel Good" Religion

Are We All Going To The Same Place? 

I need God 

The Universe – How And When? 

Beyond our strength

5 Tips For Improving The Way You Study The Bible 

Does Heaven Hold All To You?

The Christian’s Walk

Return To The Lord 

Choices That Determine Our Destiny 

Christ Cleanses The Temple

What If God Was Praised Like Football?

Peace In The Midst Of Storms 

Be Patient

"The Tabernacle of David"

What Is Marriage?

Saved Through Water

What Is A Gossip?

Honour Your Parents

“Secret Service” Evangelism? 

The Hadean Realm 

Slow Down For Three Minutes To Read This 

Seek First The Kingdom

Are You In Christ Or Out Of Christ? 

Joy In The Assembly  

Don't Measure Yourself By Others!

Knowledge Without Humility And Love 

Conversion Of Lydia-Truth vs. Assumption

Isaiah 66 Points To The Coming Of Christ 


How Can We Eat And Drink In A Worthy Manner? 

Be Not Conformed To This World 

Nothing Is Free

Calm Under Pressure  

The Importance Of One Another


The Sin of Sodom

“Nevertheless At Your Word I Will…” 

Things We Can’t Live Without

Baptism And Salvation

Male And Female

Thoughts On Abortion

The 9th Commandment Is A Divine Directive, Not A Mild Request

Wrong Is Not right

Are You Ashamed?

The Bible And Math

The Right Way To Worship God

Faith Is Reasonable 

Abstain From Alcohol, Defeat Satan's Advance

A Brief Overview Of Revelation  

Why Do Catholics Worship Mary?

God’s Promises To The Faithful 

Good News 

Does God Send New Apostles And Prophets Today?

Are Babies Born Guilty Of Sin?

The Rapture 

Did Christ Go To Hell? 

Must I Obey The Laws Of Man I Don’t Like?

Hypocritical Worship 

Tampering With Sin

Influence And Example

How God Draws People

Are You Preparing To Meet God? 

The Bible’s Amazing Revelations 

They Missed Him!

Giving To The Lord’s Work 

The Challenge To Discover The Right Religion 

Division Among Churches Of Christ Since The 1950's

How Do You Approach The Bible? 

Bad Things Happen To Good People

Satan – The Author Of Confusion

Good Intentions 

Who Will Teach Our Children? 

The Aim of Preaching 

God Knows How We Are Made

What Do You Think About Jesus? 

Are You Missing Bible Class?

Outward And Inward Appearance

Cussing And Cursing

Woman (Gen. 2:21-23) 

Freedom From Restraint

Baptized Into Christ

Does It Matter What One Believes?

A Lesson In Grief

The Fog Of False Teaching 

Truth Can Be Shocking

Be A Barnabas 

Abortion – The Slippery Slope 

Christlike Clothing 

"He Has Done All Things Well"

A Wayward Son Celebrated


The God of All Comfort 

The Bloody Altar


Remain With God

The Cost Of Drinking Alcohol 

Loaves And Fishes Religion

Dealing With Diotrephes  

When Good People Are Silent Evil Reigns

Willing To Suffer

The Passing Of The Blush

"The Whole Counsel of God"

Kill And Eat

The Tears Of Jesus

The Holy Spirit And Preaching

Lost In Worldly Living

Decisions, Decisions

Longing For Home

The Murder Of A Lawmaker

The Humanity of Jesus Christ

Don't Forget God

In The Beginning God

Growing Tired Of The Congregation Where You Worship? 

The Word Of God Is Not Bound!

Of Men And Sheep

Rejecting Christ's Teaching

God's Pattern For The Lord's Supper

Are You Saved?

Spiritual Growth

Is Salvation Through Faith Alone?

A Higher Morality Required

Women Not Authorized To Speak

Placing Membership


The Veil Of The Temple Was Rent

Why Religious Confusion?

When To Be Baptized: Now Or Later?

Blame Shifting

Should A Christian Gamble?

Individual Or Church?

Accepting Christ As Your Personal Savior

What Is A Sacrifice?


The Lord Is My Shepherd

Is All of Life Worship?

Who Is Responsible For Temptation?

Loving God With The Mind

Seeking That Which Is Lost

Sins Blotted Out

Biblical Gender Issues

Day Of Atonement 

Who Are The 144,000 Pictured In Revelation 7 And 14

Two Classes Of People

Our Father, Hallowed Be Thy Name!

Is God Homophobic?

Lucifer And His fall

Sheep Can Be More Than Conquerors

The Death, Burial And Resurrection Of Christ

Should Christians Tithe?

Abiding In The Doctrine Of Christ

Let Christ Be Formed In You

Preaching Jesus

The Sin Problem

What Can Wash Away My Sin?

“If We Neglect So Great Salvation…”

Dealing With Suffering

Hope In Christ

What Is Man?

Go And Do

Think Before You Speak

Saving Faith Is Obedient Faith

Amazing Grace

Outgrowing God?

Do You Have A Healthy Or Unhealthy Tongue?

Praising Physical Beauty

Dealing With Discouragement

Daily Bible Reading

Parents And Children

They Became Fools

Ridiculous Reasoning Of Pro-abortionists 

How Bad Is Hell? 

The 'Climate Change Religion'

Sexual Immorality

Is God Your Rock?

Is Suicide The Answer?

Listen To The Science

The Foreknowledge Of God

A Husband's Love

The Dead Cannot Rise?

Immersion, Pouring, And Sprinkling: A History

Immersion, Pouring, And Sprinkling: A History (End)

Yield Not To Temptation

The Power Of The Gospel 

How Can Jesus Be God And The Son Of God? 

Man As Body, Soul, And Spirit (End)

Man As Body, Soul, And Spirit (cont'd)

Religion In Reverse

Man As Body, Soul, And Spirit

Do You Think About Death?

Set Thine House In Order

"Not New Patches On An Old Garment!" 

“Love” In The Book Of Colossians

How Did Christ Add The Saved To The Church?

When Good People Do Nothing

Speaking In Tongues: Genuine vs. Counterfeit

Why Is Sex Outside Marriage Wrong?

What Is Hope For Christians?

God Gave Up His Son

The Image Of The Invisible God

The Lord Hates Divorce 

Who Is Jesus Of Nazareth?

Why Stop The Chariot?

Is Church Membership Separate From Salvation?

God’s Partners

What Acts 2:38 Does Not Say

Rewards For Duty To God? 

A Noble Character

Do You Want To Be Close To God?

"Awake Not My Love”


Styles And Fashions 

How Men Act When They Repent 

"Thy Faith Hath Made Thee Whole"

An Earnest And Urgent Pursuit Of Heaven

Judging Others

A Refuge In Times Of Trouble

Water Baptism

Four Facts About Temptation

Why I Pray

Is There Such A Thing As Right And Wrong?

Thoughts About 2021

“Time and Chance”

"Go, And Sin No More"

A Heart Of Forgiveness

Christ Has Come

Is the Modern Christmas celebration

How Christ Wants us to Celebrate His Coming?

God, Our Habitation 

Children Are A Heritage From Lord

The Righteous Man And The Wicked

Priceless Advice

Great Faith

What The Bible Teaches About The Judgment

Time Marches On

Jesus Believed In Hell, Do You?

Mary Has Chosen The Good Part

Gambling vs. Love Of God And Man

A Fasting Meditation (Cont'd)

May A Christian Marry A Non-Christian?

A Fasting Meditation

Does Your Bible Mark You?


"His Banner ... Is Love."

When It Was A Crime To Read The Bible

Who Lives By The 10 Commandments?

Christ's Appearances

"Remember The Cross"


The Ten Commandments: Scripture vs. Catholicism

The Real Purpose Of The Gospel

Lessons From God's First Command 

Concerning The New Testament

The Old Testament

Is Jesus Really Your Lord?

Alcohol Is A Thief

Jumping To Conclusions

What Is Sin?

"God Is Not Mocked"

Lost At Home

God's Vision For His Church

Reconciliation With God
Leaning On Jesus

Controlling Our Anger

The Uncertainty Of Life

Children Of Zion

The Power Of The Tongue
Progressing Toward Spiritual Maturity

The Shame Of Nakedness

Behold The Lamb Of God #2

Psalm 8

The Elements Used For The Lord’s Supper: Essential Or Incidental?

New Testament Characters Who Believed In Creation

Behold The Lamb Of God #1

Don't Forget Who The Real Enemy Is

Our Treatment Of Others

Restore The fallen Brother

The Baptism Of The Great Commission #1 

Questions On The Holy Spirit In Acts 2:38; 5:29; & Galatians 4:6

"If Christ Be Not Risen"

Juicy Gossip

"The Focal Point Of The Bible"

Christ Will Come Again

Children Of The Promise

“He Will Baptize You with the Holy Spirit and Fire” 

See How The Golden Calf Shines

Are You Safe?

Meeting halfway

Spiritual Discernment ​

Stressed Out


When Faith Grows Weak

Heaven Is Better

The Lord's Prayer

Give Thanks In All Circumstances 

Comforting Those In Mourning

Consequences Of Keeping The Old Law

Sin In The Garden

What About Those Who Never Heard The Gospel

Balancing Concepts Of Prayer And Sin

The Baptism Of John

God has Confidence In Us


Paul's Letter To The Ephesians

Who I Am

"By This Shall All Men Know..."

"While I Was Busy, Here And There..."

Two Builders (Matt. 7:24-27)

The Challenge Of Worship

What Is Obedience?

Does Psalm 58:3 Teach Original Sin? 

Faith Is The Victory


"Why Are You So Fearful?"

Love For God

Jesus Will Not Rule In Jerusalem

The Athenian Way

Who Is A Prophet?


Seeing Unseen Things

The Church God Had In Mind #2

The Church God Had In Mind #1

He Did What Was Right In God's Sight

What Must I Do To Be Saved?

Congregational Hospitality

The Church Jesus Built #1

The Church Jesus Built #2

What Is The Church?

Women In The Church

God Is Watching

The Testing Of Things

Spiritual Growth #1

Spiritual Growth #2

Freedom #1

Freedom #2

Life In Christ

What Is Baptism?

Don't Get Humility Wrong #1

Don't Get Humility Wrong #2

Why Congregations Dwindle

A Servant's Attitude
"Forgiving One Another"

When Death Is Imminent

Matthew 18 - "Two Or Three" Gathering

A Living Hope

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