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Thankful People Glorify And Honor God 

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Our world more and more fails to glorify God, and thank Him for His wonderful blessings. Sensible people, when they look at God’s creation, will honor, glorify, and thank Him. Paul said God “Made the world, and everything in it” and “He gives to all life, breath, and all things” (Acts 17: 24-25). In spite of these knowable truths, multitudes never lift their faces to Heaven and say “Thank you, Lord!” More and more people “do not retain God in their knowledge” (Rom. 1: 28), and thus, they abandon Him. The sad result is that “such people become futile in their thinking and reasoning, and their foolish hearts are darkened” (Rom. 1: 21). In other words, their reasoning is without reason; their thinking becomes complete nonsense. Their senseless hearts are without discernment and void of understanding. Thus, when people reject God and His truth, their hearts become foolish, undiscerning, senseless, and stupid. The sad thing is that such people, while professing themselves to be wise, actually become fools (Rom. 1: 22). Thus, when a learned individual expounds his opinions, while ignoring God and rejecting His Word, he becomes “an educated fool.” Without God, human reasoning is foolish, without understanding, and displays one’s ignorance. 

So many people attempt to leave God out of the picture. They will drive many miles to see the beauty of nature; the rose gardens of Tyler, Texas; the bluebonnets of the Texas Hill Country; the foliage in the Ozark Mountains, but they don’t seem to realize that there would not be one bloom, blossom, or leaf without God.


This is Thanksgiving week, and how thankful to God we should be. Let us acknowledge Him, and come before Him with thanksgiving, for He is our Great God who made us, and we are His. (Ps. 95, 100). My friend, how often do you count your blessings and express your gratitude to your Creator, “who richly supplies us with all things to enjoy?” (1 Tim. 6: 17; See Jas. 1: 17). Think on these things.


Dennis Abernathy 

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