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"Why I Left The Methodist Church"

What Is Personal Work? 

The Age In Which We Live 

An Abomination To the Lord 


A Little Maid's Advice 

Praying For Our Leaders

The Trial of Jesus: A Perspective From A Trial Lawyer 

"A" Way Or "The Way?"

Be A Doer 

3 Things You Must Give Up if You Want To Grow 

And So All Israel Will Be Saved 

Why Me? 

God’s Warnings- Pay Attention! 

Lessons From The Mamertine Prison  


At Your Weakest Moment...  

Things My Mom Taught Me 

No Man Ever Spoke Like This Man 

The Acts 17 Approach To God 

Did You Think To Pray?

Does God Create Sinners? 

I Thought About Quitting 

Why Are Elders Missing In So Many Churches? 

“I’m At Peace with My God”  

The Gift Of Salvation Is Conditional

I Have Found The Book Of The Law 

Which Apostle Had It the Easiest? 

The Book Of Life 

Dinner Of Herbs Or Fatted Calf

Shedding Innocent Blood

Be Of Good Cheer, I Have Overcome!

Whom Shall I Fear?

Once For All Delivered 

How Are We Saved? 

Rules For Religious Discussions 

I Corinthians 7 On Marriage And Divorce 

The Gospel

The Humble And Contrite Spirit 

"You're In A Marathon, Not A Sprint!"

A Call To Unity 

Support The Weak 

The Final Prophet: Jesus Christ Or Mohamed?

The Problem of Depression

What About Those Who Never Hear The Gospel?

Feelings Are The Devil's Wrenches

A Wanted Man Helping Find Other Wanted Men

The Sabbath Day And Christians

The Response To Preaching Jesus 

What Is The Purpose Of Baptism? 

The Importance Of Greetings

Don’t Let Society Corrupt You 

Remember God In All Things

Dealing With Criticism


God's Will vs. My Will

For This Is God’s Will

Should The Church Feed Members And Visitors At All-Day Meetings?

All Have Sinned And Fall Short…

Little Lies 

Is It A Sin To Marry An Unbeliever? 

Illumination of the Spirit 

Do We Love The Lord More? 

The Whole Duty Of Man 

How Many Roads Lead To Heaven?

The Holy Spirit 

Take Heed

Sarah Dressed For Abraham

Congregational Singing 

The Small Things We can Do

"Why Did John Die?" 

The Hands That Hang Down 

Do You Feel Saved? 

A Word To Fathers 

"The Churches of Christ Salute You"

What The Bible Says "Calling On The Name Of The Lord" Really Means…

Why Are You Singing?

In Jesus' Name, Amen

What Is The Church Of Christ?

Boaz, A Real Man

How Is Your Faith? 

Changing God’s Message 

Hold Fast To The Name Of Christ

Do Not Be Lazy 


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