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What Is Personal Work? 

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There are many folks within the church of our Lord who do not know what personal work really is. Let us briefly point out some of the things that personal work includes. Many times Christians would do personal work if they knew what to do. In the thoughts to follow you will surely find something that you can do. 


1) It is discussing the truth with a friend or an acquaintance, either at your home or at his home. 

2) It is giving someone you know a gospel tract on some subject that would be of interest to him. 

3) It is telling (and/or showing) your neighbors the happiness you have found in serving God. 

4) It is inviting the store-keeper or the mailman to attend the services of the church with you. 

5) It is picking up your phone to inquire about some members who had not been in services for a while. 

6) It is setting up a Bible class to be conducted on a regular schedule in your own home. 

7) It is going from house to house inviting everyone to come and worship God. 

8) It is gathering the children in your neighborhood into your home for a Bible study. 

9) It is working diligently to get folks to attend the gospel meetings and regularly scheduled services of the church. 

10) It is feeling the need to help the lost and doing all that you can to help them. 

11) It is using your own car to bring interested individuals to the services. 

12) It is many more things. 


Yes, the area of personal work is a big one. It is an area where each disciple can function in some way. Won’t you do your part?   


Garreth Clair 

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