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Why Are You Singing?

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When you sing today, ask yourself, “Do I truly desire to praise God in this worship assembly?” Teach your family the Scriptures and understand the meaning of praises to God at home and in the assembly. 
Listen to what the Bible says about our reasons for singing: 
SING because God is highly exalted -
Exodus 15:1 
SING because of God's kindness -
2 Chron. 20:21 
SING because God is good -
Ezra 3:11 
SING for joy- Psalm 5:11 
SING because God has dealt bountifully -
Psalm 13:6 
SING because of victory through God - Psalm 20:5 
SING because of God's reign and rule -
Psalm 47:7 
SING because of God's strength -
Psalm 59:16 
SING because of God's protection -
Psalm 59:17 
SING because of God's help in our need -
Psalm 63:7 
SING because of God's righteous judgment - Psalm 67:4 
SING because of redemption -
Psalm 71:23 
SING because God does wonderful things -
Psalm 98:1 
SING because of thankfulness -
Colossians 3:16 
SING to fellowship with Christ -
Hebrews 2:12 
If you are sincere in your praise to Christ, read every Scripture and teach your family why they must sing hymns at home and in the assembly. Be thankful to the Almighty.


Anthony Genton 

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