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Don't Measure Yourself By Others!  

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One of the great failings of human beings is that we are too prone to measure ourselves by others. One of the problems with children of God is that they want to measure themselves by other members, as though they are the standard to go by.


Too many members have the mistaken idea that the idea of service is that of the average. They are heard to say, "I give as much money"; "I attend worship as often"; and "I am as devoted to the Lord" as the average member. This idea always puts the Christian in danger of being dragged down by averages. Our Lord wants more of us than just the average. He wants service which excels (Matt. 5:47). Paul teaches that it is not wise for the Christian to compare himself with or measure himself by others (II Cor. 10:12). This was the mistake of the Pharisee in Luke 18:11. Some Christians make the same mistake today.


The only pattern and rule of measurement for the Christian is Christ (I Pet. 2:21; I Cor. 11:1). The Christian is exhorted to prove his own works by the true standard -- JESUS CHRIST (Gal. 6:4).


Donald Townsley 

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