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It is true that if we really want to do a thing, we find a way, but if we don’t want to do it, we find an excuse! Excuses are not reasons. A reason holds weight, and is justified. A reason is a plausible or genuine thing, as to why you have done, or not done something. Thus, there is a big difference between sound reasons and reasons that sound good! Excuses are not plausible and therefore excuses are not excusable!

We need to distinguish between “can’t” and “won’t.” For example, “I just can’t get along with my wife”-“My husband and I can’t communicate”-“I just can’t give up the affair I’m having”-“ I can’t stop overeating”-“I can’t find time to pray”- “I can’t stop drinking, taking drugs, gambling, or watching pornography” etc. etc.

Psychiatrist Frank Minirth and Paul Meier, in their book Happiness Is A Choice wrote: “As psychiatrists we cringe whenever patients use the word can’t…Any good psychiatrist knows that “I can’t” and “I’ve tried” are merely lame excuses. We insist that our patients be honest with themselves and use language that expresses the reality of the situation. So we have our patients change their “cant’s” to “won’ts…” If an individual changes his “cant’s” to “won’ts,” he stops avoiding the truth, quits deceiving himself, and starts living in reality.” Try this on the above examples we used.

Isn’t it true that we don’t because we won’t, and not because we can’t?” Hence, we sin and disobey because we WANT to, not because we HAVE to…because we CHOOSE to, and not because we are FORCED to! (Jas. 1: 13-16). Please think on these things.

Dennis Abernathy

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