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Listen To The Science

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Newspaper reports regularly tell of “scientific” discoveries and postulations. These reports are given a sensational flavor. But in many cases, what is reported is nothing more than a new “theory” that some scientist has advanced. No mention is made of the multitudes of reputable scientists who disagree with the new hypothesis or supposition. Instead, the report grabs the public’s attention by saying: “Scientists of the University of…,” and whatever the assumption may be, regardless of how farfetched, the report is graced with scientific and high-sounding technical terminology.

But, here’s the tragedy. Many people have put their faith in science, not God, and they believe such reports at face value. In today’s world “science” has become a magic word, and every kind of assumption in the name of science is swallowed by a gullible, unknowing world!

I am certainly not anti-science, but the problem is, that everything that is labeled “science” or “scientific” is not what it is labeled! For example, the theory that says the universe had it’s beginning from nothing, breaks down right at the beginning. The very beginning of evolutions atheistic universe is based on something that cannot explain its own existence. Are we to understand that matter simply “popped into existence” on its own? Do we not know that nothing does not produce something, and never has? Thus, any theory, dressed up in technical and scientific jargon, that argues to the contrary, is simply “science, falsely so-called,” and is promoting a phantom idea based on nothing but speculation! Listen to the science? Yes, indeed, if proven to be scientific! Think on these things.

Dennis Abernathy

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