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Rejecting Christ's Teaching

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In John 12: 48 we read: “He who rejects Me, and does not receive my words (sayings), has that (one) that judges him: the word that I have spoken, the same will judge him in the last day.” To refuse to receive the teachings of Christ (His words) is to reject Him. This is very important due to the disposition of many in the religious world today.

For example, it is by many taught today that one may “believe in Christ,” and yet refuse to do what He says in reference to being baptized in order to be saved (Mk. 16: 16), wearing His name, instead of the names of men (Acts 11: 26; 1 Pet. 4: 16), and worshipping Him as He directs (Jn. 4: 23-24). But here Jesus says: “When you refuse to accept My teaching (Word) you refuse, to accept Me, and My Word which you refuse, will be that which will condemn you at the Judgement!” Please understand that Christ’s message which proclaims life to the believer is the message which proclaims judgement to the disobedient.

Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount ends with the affirmation that those who hear His words and does them have a firm and solid foundation upon which to build their lives, while those who hear them and doeth them not are heading for catastrophe! (Matt. 7: 24-27). Jesus did not come into this world to execute judgement, He came to save the world, but judgement is the inevitable effect of His coming for those who turn their backs on Him and His Word. Dear reader, it is the wise man who listens to Christs’ Word, because listening to His Word is listening to Him! Heb. 1: 1-2; Matt. 17: 5). Think on these things.

Dennis Abernathy

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