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The Word Of God Is Not Bound!

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In his second letter to Timothy, the apostle Paul made it clear that even though he was bound (in prison) at that time, “the word of God is not bound” (II Tim. 2:9). As I thought about that statement, I realized that this fact has always been true. Regardless of the circumstances in this world, whether it be the political climate, times of persecution, times of prosperity, indifference, etc., “the word of God is not bound!” It never has been! Satan has tried everything in his power to stop the spread of God's word and has failed miserably! Let us study the following and see how God's word “is not bound.”

·  Though the Old Testament prophets were killed for preaching the truth (
Matt. 23:34-35, 37; Heb. 11:36-38), “the word of God is not bound”!

·  Though Jehoiakim tried to destroy the scrolls containing God's word (
Jer. 36:22-23), “the word of God is not bound” (Jer. 36:28-32)!

·  Though John was imprisoned and beheaded for teaching the truth (
Matt. 14:3-12), “the word of God is not bound”!

·  Though Christ was nailed to a cross due to man's envy and their hatred of His preaching (
Lk. 23:33), “the word of God is not bound” (Mk. 16:15-16)!

·  Though the apostles were threatened for preaching Christ in Jerusalem (
Acts 4:21, 5:40); “the word of God is not bound” (Acts 5:29-31)!

· Though the apostles were persecuted when they were not intimidated by men's threats (
Acts 5:42), “the word of God is not bound” (Col. 1:5-6, 23)!

· Though the Christians were scattered for teaching God's word (
Acts 8:1), “the word of God is not bound” (Acts 8:4)!

· Though the apostle Paul was put in prison for preaching the truth (
II Tim. 2:9; II Tim. 1:16), “the word of God is not bound” (II Tim. 2:2)!

·  Though John was in exile for his faithfulness to the Lord (
Rev. 1:9), “the word of God is not bound” (see: Rev. 2-3)!

·  Though in years gone by, Catholic leaders and “religious” folks would not allow the Bible to be printed, the printing press was born through God's providence. (i.e., “The word of God is not bound!”)

· Though many pilgrims came to America's shores to escape religious persecution in the past, religious freedom perpetuated and nourished people who wanted to simply go by the Bible (
I Pet. 4:11) and worship according to God's will (Jn. 4:24). (i.e., “The word of God is not bound!”)

· Though communism in Russia (during the 20th century) tried to prevent folks from having faith in God for some 75+ years when communism fell, preachers of the gospel went in openly, and many Christians were born as a result of their new-found freedom. (i.e., “The word of God is not bound!”)

·  Though communism still ravages many nations right now, there are reports of Christians who are standing firm despite the hardship. (i.e., “The word of God is not bound!”)

· Though some parents in our country do not wish to have anything to do with Christ and His church today, “the word of God is not bound!” This is why many of the children of these people are learning the truth and living it today!

· Let us keep in mind that though efforts are made by Satan to squelch spiritual expression, to keep Bibles out of public places, and to otherwise encourage folks to sin in God's presence, “the word of God is not bound!”

The Lord said, “Heaven and earth shall pass away, but my words shall not pass away” (
Matt. 24:35). Yes, “...the word of the Lord endures for ever” (I Pet. 1:25).

Woe to any man or nation who tries to bind what God says is not bound!

Jarrod M. Jacobs

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